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The Hayden movie ranch was a very busy place  in the days when bigger than life cowboys rode across the silver screen and into the hearts of America. Great
western heroes like Roy Rogers, Hopalong Cassidy, Ken Maynard, The Cisco Kid and so many more unforgettable stars walked the streets of the Hayden Movie Ranch while filming movie and television episodes that brought adventure and romance into every home in the country. If only these walls and dusty streets could talk, what wondrous tales they would tell. This 35 acre piece
of Americana  includes a complete western town and a very famous railroad car called THE SCARLET LADY. Dust off your imagination and take a stroll through town, you may come across a backdrop that takes you back to younger days and western heroes.
Beneath the Spreading Chestnut Tree the Village Blacksmith Stands
We're not to sure about the chestnut tree but this sure is a blacksmith's shop, all of the buildings at the movie ranch are full sized and functional (not just a front).
Listen to your imagination, can you hear the ring of the smithies hammer and the crackle of the forge?
The Poky
Every western movie had a pack of outlaws and they always ended up in the town  jail! This authentic jailhouse hasn't seen a customer since Lucky Hayden stared in Fast on the Draw. If you don't want to be the next hombre to spend the night, better git on over to the sheriff's office an check your guns! Think of all the fun you could have and think of the possibilities!
Many an ill mannered maverick passed through Judge Roy  Bean's courthouse on the way to jail. A gavel in one hand and a gun in the other the judge dispensed a brand of justice that wasn't far removed from the men that stood before him. To many a young movie goer the code of the west was carved out in courts like this!
The judge also owned the bank and saloon!  An abundance of authentic signs and props can still be found at the ranch. Just a little TLC and you could be the star of your own old west movie company, or if your a collector you may have just entered paradise.
In-patients hadn't been invented yet and house calls  hadn't been forgotten yet so the doctors office was a small building where you could leave a note or wait for the doc to return. The Hayden Movie Ranch is a reproduction of the real west and still stands waiting for a new adventure, you could bring this town to life again!
While main street was bustling under the  noon day sun the school house held a mild mannered schoolmarm who dispensed a good dose of the three R's. This western school house even has a teachers living quarters with bedroom, bath and kitchen. All authentic!
In the days of the wild west every town had a saloon and gambling hall. Inside and out this movie set is well equipped with props as well as character and charm.
Still functional the bar-b-q area served as a western set and a place to feed some of the most famous actors of all time. As the mesquite smoke fills the air take a moment to reflect on who may have been sitting at this very spot taking time out for themselves or portraying the great western heros of days gone by. Movies filmed here were truly magic in the making!
Main street may seem small from this point of view but the stars that came to act out the tales of the old west were and still are bigger than life.
Their spirits have passed on and the celluloid images they left behind are dark and torn, in the minds of men and women like you and I the history of the Hayden Movie Ranch lives on, never to be forgotten!

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