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All Presentations Include:
    Professional Website Design.
    High Quality Digital Images of Your Product or Service.
    *Data Collection Forms & Data Storage.
    *Video Presentations
    *Secure Pages
    Ongoing Monthly Maintenance.
    Regularly Scheduled Search Engine Seeding.
    Web Hosting Service.
    Link Building to Enhance Search Engine Ranking & Recognition.
    Free Reasonable Updates.
    **A Substantial Referral Program.
    21 Years Internet Marketing Experience.


    Start at $20 per month for 3 months (or the remainder of the quarter) + $200 design fee. That's only $440 for one year of aggressive advertising on the World Wide Web. The design fee is paid at time of purchase and the monthly service charge starts when you're Internet presentation is posted live to the World Wide Web. All presentations are billed quarterly.

Discount Package:

    Pay the monthly service charge ($20) for one year ($240) and receive a 25% discount ($50) on your professional website design fee. $390 is due at time of purchase. That's only $390 for a whole year of aggressive Internet marketing. This package is billed quarterly after the initial presentation period.. Established 1995. Website Design services and product marketing for 21 continuous years in the same community.

"Introducing You & Your Community to the World through Affordable Internet Marketing" has been our motto since day one. We always pride ourselves on offering and delivering "Fast, Clean & Reasonable Marketing Services". Specializing in simple, attractive and highly effective presentations.

Don't get lost in a sea of expensive, ineffective web sites. We work with your specific product or service to optimize your ability to be found and cataloged with all the major search engines, Alta Vista, Open Directory, AOL Search, Google, Netscape Search, Yahoo Search, and hundreds of other search sites.

Our capabilities reach far beyond the simple sites mentioned here. We have the ability to produce extensive sites that include domain name registration and management, secure pages, e-commerce, video presentations and much, much more.

Questions about your Internet presence?
        Contact us at: 760-365-1074 or by E-mail

We offer a free consultation that includes a strategy for new web presentations, a verbal critique of your existing website, product marketing, pricing and any other questions you may have about our service or methods.

In person, on the phone, e-mail, or online, our enthusiasm for the success of your company will be everything you expected and more. At, customer satisfaction is our most important product!

 A small sampling of our presentations include:

 * The above examples are for a basic informational website. We offer data collection forms, data storage, video presentations, and secure pages for additional fees. These fees are dependent on the complexity of each element or the amount of data stored.

**If you refer a new customer to Desert Gold and they purchase one of our products, you will receive a $20 credit applied to your next invoice.

***All accounts are billed quarterly, to minimize production costs. We bill all accounts at the same time, January 1st, April 1st, July 1st and October 1st. If your purchase occurs in the middle of a billing cycle, your invoice will be prorated to reflect the difference.

Contact us at: 760-365-1074 or by E-mail

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