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Heart Wise Gems CDs are $18.00. Additional CDs (on the same order) are $16.00 each. Includes: Priority shipping in the USA

Foreign Shipping Fees Available By Request
Quantity:    Please send  _____ CD(s) SubTotal: $ _______
California Resident's add 7.75% State Sales Tax.
Shipping Information:
Name: _________________________________
Address: ______________________________________________________
City: __________________________________ State/Province: ______________
Country:  _______________________________  Zip/Postal Code: ____________
Phone: _____________________________ E-Mail: _______________________________
Your Total Payment Amount  $_____________  Add Me To Your Mailing List; (yes, no)
Additional Comments:


Money Orders, Bank and Imprinted Personal Checks Accepted.

Make Checks Payable To: 


Stephanie Kern

Mail Payment To:

Heart Wise Gems
P.O. Box 35
Joshua Tree, CA 92252

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