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Thank you so much for all your efforts and your kindness. It was a true joy dealing with you. It's been a long time since I dealt with a person or business who was willing to go the extra mile. There aren't many out there like you anymore..... Debbie

What a wonderful website! Never have I come across a website and organization similar to this! I am a real person, and this is not a phony solicited endorsement. I did business by accident when looking for a particular item for a present for my husband. I did a search for the item and came across the site. Decided to "take the chance" -- (I was hesitant) -and BAM!.......I got the item promptly and the communication with Bill was more professional and unique form anything I have ever experienced on line. I felt like the clock was turned back to the 1950s & Personal integrity was back again. I can only say that I am totally happy!!!! The sale was great, the shipping and delivery was great, and the follow-up was great. As of 12-03, I would give an "Over the Top" Review! - A whole hearted personal recommendation!       S. S. Baton Rouge, La

Desertgold is a great site. In February 2010. My 1953 Hudson ad went on the site. A buyer from Canada, found my car on Desertgold. In less than 30 days. He posted a deposit, confirmed authenticity. And completed the sale. Desertgold is the best, reasonable priced, professional, action site, reaching out in U.S.A. Also to World buyers. John in California

Just a note to let you know what a great website you have. My 57 Chevy got a lot of lookers. When the right one came along, It was sold immediately. Thanks for the great website and the great job of listing the classic cars. I would refer any buyer or seller to this website Thanks again,............. Richard

I have until this day not had one service, some paid for, and some not, to meet the standards that this site operates under. Highest marks for continuity and speedy service. You Guy's are fantastic. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and recommend all who come to use this service with confidence. Thanks again and best to you all. Terry

This site has helped me sell many classic cars. I would like to thank you for a providing a service that is actually worth having. I will continue to list cars on your site, I will also tell others about the great service you provide..... Tony

The car wasn't mine. It belonged to my sister-in-law who lives in Arizona. What she told me was that within one day, she had two buyers interested in the car. The second of the two actually went to Arizona, looked at the car and paid $700 more than the asking price! Unbelievable! She wasn't looking to pump the price up, only to sell the car for her asking price. Needless to say, my sister-in-law is very happy and still somewhat dumbfounded as to how things worked-out! Great Web Site !! Doug, Nevada

Before we placed the ad for the Mustang with you, we paid for 2 other ads. What a waste! It was your Desert Gold site that sold it!! We are very pleased that the couple who bought it are extremely happy with it. Thank you again, the excellent service you provide is invaluable to all Classic Car enthusiasts! Ken & Rebecca

What a great service this website is. I listed this antique car for my brother-in-law, and landed on this web site by accident. My Brother-in-law was getting rid of all his possessions due to age and death of my wife's older sister. Bill this site sold this car and he got the price he wanted. He is not a computer user and where he lives, it would have been difficult to sell this car. Your Free listing helped him and the car is now in the USA. I was not sure if there would be a catch, but none so I am sending this note just to say thanks. You helped an old farmer out. Bill your kindness and integrity are rare today I can only say that Melvin is totally happy!!!! The sale was great, the shipping and delivery was great, and the follow-up was great.. I in Nova Scotia and Melvin in Manitoba give our whole hearted personal recommendation! Skip, Nova Scotia for Melvin, Manitoba Canada

Thanks Desert Gold for the wonderful job you do. I always appreciate your dedication and helpfulness in helping to list my free ad. I am looking forward to using your great service in the future.... Dennis



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