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Your Ad Here was created in mid 1995 in an attempt to help a struggling community compete on a national if not worldwide level. The Internet was in it’s infancy then and we gained notoriety rather quickly. A giant leap forward came when we advertised and helped sell a local Frank Lloyd Wright designed home at nationally advertised prices. Since then many milestones have been realized and DesertGold has proven to be an asset to the community.

Our motto has never changed, “Introducing You and Your Community to the World Through Affordable Internet Marketing”. Our office is located in the small southern California town of Yucca Valley; bordering the Joshua Tree National Park, about 30 minutes from downtown Palm Springs and adjacent to three of California’s ecosystems, the Mojave, The Colorado Desert and The Little San Bernardino Mountains. Big Bear mountain resort, the Colorado River resorts and our proximity to Laughlin and Las Vegas help us attract a diverse population and visitors.

The Joshua Tree National Park is but a small part of our dessert community and we dearly appreciate the beauty of nature, the wide array of wildlife and the diverse inhabitants that laughingly refer to each other as “Desert Rats”. We’ve lived in this desert community for over 30 years and have yet to tire of the subtle beauty in the “Land of dirt and rocks”. I still marvel at the sunsets, call the coyotes and wonder when I’ll spot my next Mountain Lion or Bob Cat. I’ve held an injured Retail Hawk in my arms. I anticipate the yearly migration of the Buzzards, I saw a UFO and I met the Rock Man. The desert is a wonderful place. Desert Gold brings me closer to the community and that’s what I really like about this job.

The down side is that a growing population is inadvertently, for the most part, disrupting the delicate balance of this natural wonderland. Plastic bags, Styrofoam cups, old tires and municipalities wreak more havoc on the land than any natural disaster could ever bring. Many years ago as I wandered about the desert dawn this verse came to me:

A Desert Song

The stars they sparkle,
oh so bright,
and the moon shines as,
the noon day light.
Coyotes howl,
making old dogs bay,
and Ravens fly,
at break of day.
The flutter of Quail wherever you go,
send rabbits running to and fro.
Desert Tortoise rambles on and on,
the midday heat will soon be gone.
Our children play with lizards here,
and now and then they see a deer.
Hawks and Buzzards circle high,
while sunsets linger in the sky.
So like brothers we must stand,
to live,
to work,
to save our land.

-W. Allen - 1997

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